Top Food Picks to Prevent Diabetes: Wanna Stay Safe?

With an alarming increase in the diabetes incidence affecting the young and the old alike. It is extremely important to have a sound knowledge about the disease prevention. The prevention is the first step to Stay Healthy.

What’s Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition affecting the insulin producing cells in the body. It results in a high concentration of blood sugar levels. It isn’t as simple as it seems to be. High blood sugar means low absorption of sugar from blood which means Something is not Right.


What does it do?

Diabetes is a life long illness that ends up affecting its major targets: heart, kidneys, eyes, and legs. Impairment of any of these body parts can be fatal. It is high time to discuss diabetes and its prevention Before it is too Late.

What to do then?

High sugar in the blood suggests less or no intake of sugar by the patient to not facilitate a rise in the sugar levels.

What’s Better?

Better than ending up with Diabetes is PREVENTION. Here we are to let you know how to Eat Right to Prevent Diabetes. Because,

Better than Having All Desert One Day and NOT Having Dessert at all later is to Have Less Desert Every Day!

But What to Eat and What Not To?

Well, the question is valid. Here is a guide to Food Choices You Need to make in order to Prevent Diabetes.


See there, milk is in Worst food 😦

Low Carb Diet

Carbohydrates are complex sugars. A diet rich in carbohydrates results in the production of sugar upon metabolism. A wiser approach suggests a low carb diet is ideal for diabetic patients.

Say good bye to rice, corn and flour. Hello to healthy, rich in fiber vegetables 😀


Just Kidding, increase the healthy intake and minimize the other for good.

Dairy Food is Good

A not so good research approaches a few decades ago have incorporated in minds of people some odd stuff. You need to get rid of those misleading thoughts right away. Yes, yes!


Have you believed all your life low-fat diet is great and skipping dairy helps? Delete It! Dairy is good, Fat is good until it is taken from natural sources in a moderate concentration. You can have full-fat dairy. Sounds weird? Yes, you can! Mislead a lot.

Have milk, cheese, yogurt but not processed!

Meat? White Meat? Sea Food? Yes, please.

Eat fish, eat crab, have mutton. Lots of fish and lots of mutton. You are going in the right direction. Good!


Go with Healthy Fats. Healthy Fats?

Yes, we are blessed with healthy fat sources. It is only our negligence, we don’t know about them and we so hate the word fat, it’s a taboo!

Enjoy unsalted nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. I know you love them as much as I do 😀 They deserve to be loved. Use olive oil for cooking, enjoy an avocado with your meals.


Processed Food? Preserved Food? No, NO!

Okay now here you have to do a little compromise. I know how much we love sausages, pepperoni, sweet corns, junk food, drinks. I know, I love them too. But for the sake of health, minimize the intake. May be ‘once a month?’


Bakery Goods? Not good!

Disappointing, very disappointing. Bread, buns, pastry, donuts, cake, croissant. They are pretty in bakeries not in your stomach. Staying away is Good for Your Health.


This seems a bit difficult in the beginning, but I am sure you will get away with this eventually. Just a bit courage, Yes you can do.

Isn’t Prevention better than Cure? Your Health Matters!


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