Best Makeup BUYS Under Rs 300 or $3 OMG!

We all know how much makeup we ladies out there LOVE. It adds to your personality and boasts one’s confidence (Definitely we are not taking the quantity in consideration because it accounts for one’s personal choice). But a few items are a must have for almost everyone and if we can find those few items on a very pocket-friendly rate, it’s a gain. Yes, there are good affordable makeup products that do work incredibly well like some pricey products if not better. No, it’s not a dupe article but you’ll not be disappointed with it.
We have some incredible under Rs 300/- makeup buys for you beautiful makeup lovers out there!

Long lasting eye pencil from Essence cosmetics

This one buy is a total cheat, it comes in around 7 colors, it does not smudge, even when applied to your tightline, it does not transfer to your water line. The application is smooth and precise. “Black fever” is an intense black and “hot chocolate” is a buy for ‘No make-up Make-up days’. Get your hands on “say hi light”, you will not regret it.
Bonus: It also comes in a retractable pencil form, which means, “Say Goodbye to sharpener that never helped in time”.
Retails for Rs 270/- or $2.5hqdefault

Amazing Volume mascara by Makeup Revolution

If you are looking for those “Voluminous Lashes”, this mascara is for you. It makes your lashes look thick enough to cheat anyone, yes anyone, even yourself. The wand is thick and yes very big but so is less, very less, yes the price.
Retails for Rs 270-290/- or $2.5


Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit in fair by Makeup Revolution

Listen for a minute, yes it’s a pricey item but considering the amount of product and items you get, it is an amazing deal. The Highlight, Blush, Contour in one, yes in ONE. They all are amazing. Highlight works, it’s a very beautiful subtle highlight but surprisingly this whole kit works. Blush is beautiful soft pink and it gives that natural flush of color. And the contour, sculpt your face without leaving a harsh line, can even be used as a bronzer and is very blendable. If you are a fan of these, this kit is a must have for you.
P.S. Please divide it by 3
Retails for Rs 750/3. You pay Rs 250/- each. it is around $7Ultra-Sculpt-and-Contour-Kit-1

Long lasting lip liner Essence Cosmetics

All the beautiful ladies out there who are dying to get there hands on Nyx Cosmetics lip liners (but are unable to for whatever reason), Smile away, we have a better solution. These lipliners are creamy, pigmented, affordable and available with a retractable mine, can be used alone, with lipstick, underneath liquid lipstick, ahh! Then why not?
We have seen them fluctuating from numbers 7 to 10 in shade range.
Retails for Rs 280/- or $2.57686b8c08cfa5ee424ed986af7036945

Gel nail polish by Essence Cosmetics

Complete your look with a beautiful, trendy, one swipe nail polish. These gel based nail polishes are incredibly long lasting providing a beautiful full coverage and shine. And look at the color selection, to die for!
Retails for Rs 295/- or $2.5essence-the-gel-nail-polish-_beautygeeks-headerjpg

Waterproof makeup removing wipes from Essence cosmetics

If you are tired of your waterproof mascara that always scratches the hell out of your skin around the eyes along with some lashes when it’s time to take your makeup off, this is totally for you. These wipes would remove everything without that extra effort of going back and forth in just a minute.
Retails for Rs 175/- or $1.5csm_522439_79764b06bcYou can get them all cheaper when they are on sale! But look up before they are sold out πŸ˜€



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